Senior Rx Care Pharmacy’s consultant pharmacists work diligently to help keep each facility in compliance with state and federal regulations. The time your consultant spends in the facility is a valuable service. Each month, the pharmacist performs a Medication Regimen Review, makes recommendations regarding medication usage and potential side effects, and performs other pharmacy related tasks. As a consultant, the pharmacist is also an educational resource for the nursing facility’s staff.

Services We Provide

Consulting Services

  • Monthly Medication Regimen Review
  • Clinical Education
  • Drug Destruction Assistance
  • Available for QA Meetings
  • Med Pass Observations
  • Formulary Assistance
  • Clinical Guidelines

Customer Care Representative

Since the onset of Medicare Part D, we have created a Customer Care Department with representatives that are trained to provide assistance with non-covered medications. They communicate with the facility’s nursing staff, physicians, and responsible parties to find alternatives for non-covered medications and assist in the prior authorization process. If you need assistance in applying for the Low Income Subsidy, or understanding Medicare Part D, we can help!